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Myanmar Recruitment Services

MyWorld is Myanmar’s largest recruitment agency with 50+ recruitment professionals covering all major areas needed in the Myanmar market from Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT, Oil & Gas, Real Estate & Property, Sales & Marketing, and Supply Chain & Procurement. We work with many of Myanmar’s largest local companies and the top multinational organizations (Clients) and are rated as the no. 1 recruitment agency in Myanmar.

MyWorld offers the following

recruitment services

Executive Search - this is the highest quality of service. Our experienced consultants will map both the local and international market for you, researching competitor companies and companies with similar structures to locate the best candidates for your organisation. We will hold your hand through the entire recruitment process from resume screening, interviews and the issuing of offer letters. We will also conduct background checks as required.

Contingency Search - our most popular offering, is a high touch service. Using our extensive database of candidates, the networks we have both locally and internationally, MyWorld will source candidates that meet with your specifications, guide you through the interview process, assist with reference checks when required and negotiate with candidates at the offer stage.

Interim Staffing - interim staffing is a great short term solution to your immediate recruitment needs. While we are searching for the perfect full-time candidate for your organisation, we will have one of our qualified staff assigned to your office to cover the responsibilities of that missing headcount.

Outsourced Staffing - whether you have headcount restrictions, or don’t have your company established in Myanmar yet, outsourcing staff is a great option for you. As a local company in Myanmar, we are licensed to employ staff locally and outsource to your organization.

Payroll - keeping up with changing legislation, investing in expensive payroll software, and maintaining confidentiality are common problems we hear from the market. Outsourcing payroll to professionals makes sense to both small and large organizations and allows them to avoid these issues. We are already supporting a number of the world’s largest MNCs in Myanmar, and can certainly support your organization as well.

RPO - a great solution for clients who need to increase their staff quickly in significant numbers (between 10 to 300 or even more). Instead of employing extra full-time staff to handle the recruitment workload, and then having to find roles for them after the project is over, using RPO means you can outsource this to us and when the project is over you don’t have extra headcount in your business. We have the most sophisticated recruitment technology in the Myanmar market that will ensure a smoother and streamlined process.

Talent Accelerator - in a competitive market like Myanmar, clients need to move quickly to ensure they secure the best candidate. Our Talent Accelerator is a tailored interview process that will significantly improve the speed of your interview process while ensuring an extremely high quality of service.

We pride ourselves in being Myanmar’s best recruitment agency with capabilities in all areas of white collar recruitment. From CFOs to Accountants, Marketing Assistants to CEOs, we will find you the best bilingual talent either in Myanmar or overseas.

Contact us today and help us help you Find the Best Local Talent for your team.

For further information, you can reach us at

+95 (0) 94-5021-4921 / sales@myworld.com.mm