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 Why Companies Outsource their Payroll in Myanmar?     

  • To ensure confidentiality of staff salaries inside your organization

  • To offer better accuracy by using top technology when calculating payroll

  • To be better able to match the demands of your business due to seasonal variations, increased pace and growth

  • To respond more rapidly to changes in staff levels and new product ranges

  • To assure compliance on laws  regarding recruitment and to know that all company and staff permits and licences are in place

  • To know the correct interpretation of regulations are understood and guidelines are followed correctly. (Full knowledge of national regulations is vital. The ways in which documents processing has evolved and has become common practice requires local knowledge)

MyWorld Careers Outsourced Payroll services include:

  • Staff Payroll – national and international staff, overtime, staff expenses (If required in multiple currencies)

  • Contract staff Timesheets

  • Management of Social Security Board (SSB) documents and payments histories

  • Employment certificates

  • Tax Management

  • Reports and returns – operating in full compliance with national laws

  • Reporting – Year-end

  • Management of Staff Benefits Programmes

  • Holiday and Sick Leave recording, Staff records and Health record

"The regular payment of staff salaries is a known golden rule together with adherence to national compliance and reporting regulations. These are matters with which we are familiar due to our experience living and working in Myanmar and blend of international and national staff teams"

Simon Bruce, Country Manager Myanmar