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MyWorld Careers Celebrated Our 7th Anniversary in 2022!

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MyWorld Careers turned 7 years on 14th October 2022! We’ve come a long way since we set up the company. It's incredible that we are able to reach this milestone despite having hard times over the past few years. During the past few years, everyone has faced various challenges and difficulties, and MyWorld is able to stand up to this day in the midst of these difficulties thanks to the partner companies and candidates who have faith in MyWorld and MyWorldians who are diligent at work.

In the midst of this kind of instability, most people had to give up their jobs and dreams. Some of them are struggling to get a stable life and some youths cannot even finish their education. It is a time when everyone has their own difficulties. In these difficult times, we must support each other and build a brighter future together. MyWorld often organizes charities in places that need help, and is always ready to give a hand to people who are in need of help. This time, to mark the seventh anniversary of MyWorld Careers, we donated 1,000,000 kyats to the Mary Chapman School which educates hearing impaired children.

MyWorld has been doing charities in places that are in need especially related to the children and the youth for seven years. Our aim is that everyone in this society has equal opportunities and that the vulnerable and those in need can achieve their dreams. That's why we continue to help them as much as we can every year.

Lastly we would like to say a big thank you to all the partner companies, the candidates and MyWorldians who went through the challenges and difficulties we encountered in these 7 years together. In the coming days, we strive to provide excellent service to our customers and we will endeavor to flourish in the years to come. Here’s to the more years of us continuing to take on the new challenges that will be encountered in the future together and achieve further success, learn together, and make each other better!