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Payroll Services in Myanmar

Myanmar Payroll Service

Payroll Services in Myanmar

Payroll Services 

Company Payroll demands considerable management and staff time. Timely, accurate, efficient, and consistent operations are essential for any company

By using our Payroll Services, supplied by our specialists, you can release your valuable staff and management resources. You can be confident of accurate, timely processing for all of your Payroll requirements. 

The benefits to outsourcing your Payroll

  • Employee remuneration confidentiality

  • Accurate salary calculation and payment (everyone gets the right pay, on-time, every-time)

  • Rigorous adherence to labor and tax laws

  • Free up HR and Finance resources so they can focus on their core business

  • Enhanced accountability when outsourcing a non-core function to a subject matter expert

  • Legislative updates and market trends (when applicable)

  • Alignment to immigration policies relating to foreign work-force

Existing clients using our services come from a wide range of sectors with varying needs based on the type of employees they have;

  • On-site and remote location(s) employees

  • Company contractors

  • Staff on flexible time contracts, part or full time

  • Locals and expats 

  • Short and long-term project contractors

We ensure that your company is fully compliant with the most recent government regulations and laws, and are able to deliver reports that are tailored to your needs so you retain full control. Some of the key responsibilities of our Payroll Service are;

  • Liaise with Local Authorities including Tax, SSB and Labour Offices

  • Calculate employees’ Salaries, Tax, and SSB

  • Distribute salary to employees

  • Record and manage staff vacation records

  • Record staff expenses and facilitate reimbursement

Why use our Payroll services?

If you are starting in Myanmar there are costs to furnish your own Payroll department with equipment, office space and staff. You need to be aware of rules and regulations, and be aware of fines if these are not followed.  Selecting an outsourced solution is a very effective, economical, and stress-free way of passing-by these tasks so you can focus on your key company objectives. 

Our combination of local and international staff means we speak your language and share instinctively your values. We work with the strictest controls on confidentiality and remain flexible for last minute changes and requirements you may have.

If you are already trading you will find immediate affinity with our teams, who have been working here completing these tasks for many years. Our services give you flexibility to expand your company.

The information is protected by leading IT security that is regularly updated. Our reputation rests on this.

We are based in Yangon and already work closely with Myanmar Government Departments and Tax Return Authorities. Recent changes and electronic registration have introduced new obligatory responses with deadlines. Keeping you informed and compliant is fundamental to our service to you. 

Payroll Services by our Specialists allow you to focus on your Company Operations

MyWorld’s Payroll Service is handled by our sister company, Myanmar Payroll & Outsourcing Co., Ltd. which is an international company committed to supplying your company with the best outsourcing services. Their services also include:

Contract and Outsourced Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing Services

Email us at contact@payroll-and-outsourcing.com or call us at +95 9 777 002 284 for more information.


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