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Contract and Outsourced Staffing Services

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Contract and Outsourced Staffing Services / Professional Employer Organization Services (PEO)

Contract and Outsourced staffing services, otherwise known as Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services or Employer Of Record (EOR) are widely used in Myanmar and other markets. MyWorld is Myanmar’s leading PEO / EOR service provider. Our PEO services are ideal when your company: -

  • Does not yet have an operation in Myanmar.

  • Is already trading and needs flexibility and more resources for new plans, and instant access to new skills and additional experience.  

  • Is setting up an entity in Myanmar, but does not yet have the necessary licenses etc to operate, but needs employees to start ASAP.

  • Your company requires you to maintain a fixed headcount, but your business needs more employees to achieve the company plans and targets.

  • Your staff are employed by us. We cover all the paperwork, payroll, tax, social security benefits, recruitment, holiday pay, etc., the entire gamut of HR duties.

With PEO services we can provide your fastest possible start date so you start generating revenue rapidly.

  • This is a partnership between your company and ourselves who provide the staff. You still benefit from tax incentives.

  • We are your HR Department.

  • All elements of payroll are covered by our team.

  • By leveraging our group plans we can share with your company a range of staff benefits packages, beneficial health insurance rates. (These staff benefits alone help us attract the best staff).

  • Can be used for both local and expat employees.

Immediate staffing solutions without gaps or added paperwork – we cover it all.

MyWorld’s PEO Service is handled by our sister company, Myanmar Payroll & Outsourcing Co., Ltd. which is an international company committed to supplying your company with the best outsourcing services. Their services also include:-

Payroll Services

Temporary Staffing Services

Email us at contact@payroll-and-outsourcing.com or call us at +959 777 002 284 for more information. 


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