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The most competitive space in any market, the challenge for Myanmar companies in finding and retaining strong Sales & Marketing candidates is getting harder and harder. Driving revenue and market share is an ongoing challenge and we see that the demand for performance-driven Sales & Marketing professionals is increasing all the time.

To handle the different market needs, we have two teams focused on Sales & Marketing roles;

B2B Sales & Marketing

The B2B (Business to Business) Sales & Marketing team works only with companies selling products focused on other companies and the government. Within the B2B sector, in Myanmar, we especially see a lot of demands for strong Sales & Marketing professionals within the Automotive, Electronics, Telco, Machinery, Real Estate and Chemical industries. By working with only B2B and B2G candidates and clients, the team succeeds in maintaining incomparable market knowledge and reach in Myanmar. This advantage allows them to respond very quickly to customer demands to ensure the best match possible.

B2C Sales & Marketing

The B2C (Business to Consumer) market is rapidly growing due to the growing middle class in Myanmar. This has given companies selling consumer goods and services an increasing market to go after. Especially with the influx of global companies and global product brands entering into the Myanmar market, demand for strong Sales & Marketing candidates is growing and the competition for Sales & Marketing candidates who understand a KPI driven culture is getting harder and harder every month. Within this space, our B2C Team is also specialized at talent focused on the Hospitality industry such as Hotel GMs, F&B Directors, Travel & Tour Operators, etc. With a network consisting of thousands of clients and candidates, we have more knowledge of this space than any other recruitment agency in Myanmar.

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MyWorld Careers Myanmar - B2B Sales and Marketing Recruitment Team
MyWorld Careers Myanmar - B2B Sales and Marketing Recruitment Team