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Donation to Yangon Canine Foundation (YCF)

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Being the first CSR project of 2020, we donated 500,000 MMK to the Yangon Canine Foundation for the Reproductive Control and Vaccination of Stray Dogs (CNVR) project in February 2020.

Yangon Canine Foundation (YCF), an NGO founded in 2019 and the organization's mission is to care for injured stray dogs, control and reduce the growth rate, prevent deaths by rabies and dog bites, and focus on raising community awareness in Yangon.

The stray dogs and even domesticated dogs that are abandoned are causing severe consequences for the region. The best way to control the stray dogs population is to stop them reproducing using a technique called CNVR.

We are continuously doing everything that we can to help improve our community. We are also trying to fulfill our goal which is to contribute to society by supporting people living in poverty, helping animals in need and advocating to protect the environment.

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