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What should you expect from your recruiter?

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17 Dec 00:00 by Simon Bruce

There are many recruitment companies offering their services in the market, so as a candidate what should you look for? Of course, I want to say that MyWorld has it all and you shouldn’t look elsewhere. However, realistically we do not fit and nor does any recruiting company fit, every candidate’s needs. The first thing you should look for is their strength in the areas that interest you. This could be within a particular industry, job function, location or grade. This is something you will have to consider.

Once you have chosen the recruitment company, which you believe is the best for your needs, then it’s time for you to review the recruiter or the team, who will be helping you. I would suggest that you look at the following areas: Does the recruiter specialise in my job function? This is very important as it means they are an expert in your chosen area and will have a stronger understanding of the market situation and give you the best advice. If you meet a recruiter and they are not able to ask you technical questions about your area, then this is your first warning. Are they professional? Recruiters are salespeople, they need to present well and act professionally. Someone in jeans and a t-shirt is unlikely to give the best impression to a client in a meeting. This will also reflect upon your application. The way they communicate with you, whether via email or telephone, is also important. Do you enjoy talking to them? Your recruiter will be your partner in this job search, so you are likely to spend a lot of time talking to them about changing jobs.

If you don’t enjoy time with them, will you feel comfortable sharing your private information with them? I am not suggesting that they become your friends, but on a professional level you need to be able to trust them. Do they care about you? Don’t misunderstand me, recruiters are dealing with hundreds and hundreds of candidates and are not able to give personal attention to every single one. However changing jobs is one of the biggest things people do in their life and a recruiter, who is too pushy or doesn’t care for your situation, will not be helpful. What advice do they give you? Advice can be anything from career tips, resume writing, interview advice, market information and trends.

Often, a recruiter will just receive a resume and send it to as many companies as possible, hoping that one company will like what they see. This may help them, but it doesn’t help you. Look for a recruiter, who makes suggestions to help you and your career. Over time you will build up a good relationship with a recruiter or team of recruiters that best suit you needs.