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How to prepare for a job interview?

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18 Mar 00:00 by Simon Bruce

The INTERVIEW request has arrived? Well done! So, you have done it – you have got that interview for a new job. Well done, but there is work to be done. Competition may be fierce and you need to win the offer by giving the interview process your best efforts. Of course being face to face with the interviewer(s) means they can see what you are like as a person – would you fit in with the others? It is not only a matter of them checking and being happy with your skills and experience. If you are in sales you will know that in any business meeting you have to sell yourself as the supplier of the product (in this case you) that they must have. Well don’t worry if you are not in sales as there are guidelines that are easy to check, so you are well prepared and gain the best chance of securing the job offer.

We in MyWorld of course sell our services and show and convince companies that we are the best firm to help them find staff best suited to their company. So yes we are experienced in sales and so can also help you on this part of the interview process. We also know the details on many companies and the company that is interviewing you.....we know want they need because we specifically asked for their briefing in advance. So be confident and remember that we would not have submitted your CV unless we thought you could do the job and win the job offer. If you are not yet a candidate with us, again don’t worry. We trust you will call us and send us your CV here: support@myworld.com.mm - do it now!

Here are our guidelines, not in any particular order as they are all important – some say that you get a good idea of a candidate in the first 30 seconds. A major part of this win is due to the points listed here! Know where the company is located so you arrive in time +. By this we mean leave yourself extra time and relax before the interview. Even if you are not in reception waiting you can be close-by and know you will not be late. If you have made a test journey to the site (better still) and you may have seen staff already so check how they are dressed, is there a dress code that is seen as appropriate? Aim for a level above that – maybe you can ask beforehand, what is the dress code? Prepare some questions for them in advance….and answers! For example, ask them what they seek in the ideal candidate, is this a new post, did the last person gain promotion or why is this post being advertised? Then for you, how would you answer these questions – Why should we choose you? What are your faults? What are your strongest points? What would your work colleagues say about you? Where do you want to be working in 5 years time? Think what questions you could ask. Do some research on the company so you know what they do. You do not need to ask them how many staff they have if it is shown on their web site, so look it up first to show you have taken the trouble to do some research….it shows your interest in the company. Try not to be nervous (sometimes interviewers are nervous too!) Be yourself but stay respectful and some would say formal. Be aware you can do the job but do not appear arrogant. Be self assured and look at the interviewer when you are speaking. Give yourself time to think before you reply as 1) it shows you are considering their valid question 2) it gives YOU time to think! If you do not know the answer say so and offer to get back to them with the information they need. Don’t forget to do that and also don’t forget to thank them for the meeting, adding that it was good to meet them as you are really pleased to have established contact with their company. Depending on how the meeting went there may be other questions you can ask - such as how many candidates are they interviewing? When do they think they will make a decision? (If you want one day to work overseas, ask to which countries they may expand in the future).

Above all, remember we would not have sent you to the interview if we did not have confidence in you, so go for it, and make it your year via MyWorld.