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YOUR CV IS YOUR KEY TO THAT NEW JOB – MyWorld gives you some secrets!

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10 Mar 00:00 by Simon Bruce

YOUR CV IS YOUR KEY TO THAT NEW JOB – MyWorld gives you some secrets! It has been said again and again that your CV is so important – we are saying this again! Your CV IS vital - to create the best possible impression about you with the company you want, with people you may not have yet met, so you get that call for your interview. It could be that your CV is the sole reason you do or do not get that interview. So if you are taking the time to apply for that job, then why not make sure you have followed our guidelines to get that job? We are totally focused on getting our candidates to the job and into the career they want. We do not want your CV thrown away, with others, by your target company. So here are some guidelines.

Remember, MyWorld wants you to get that job. We are here to help you. Point 1 – the company you want to join has many applicants and the recruiter may spend only 15 seconds looking at YOUR CV. You need to do things to make YOUR CV catch their attention. It must present you in a professional way. It must show the information that answers their needs so they then call you for an interview. Have you done your research on what they want? Yes? Well put information in the top part of your first page that explains why you are a good fit for the job, so they want to read more. It is NOT EASY shortening your career details into a one or two or three pages and this takes time on editing and redrafting but do make the effort and spend time to get it right. Sometimes you need to edit your CV for a specific job you want. So do edit it - do believe you can get that interview, but most important - make sure your CV does its best to make them call you. We will add details below on the types of CV we often see, but first you should know that whatever format you choose, you must always clearly show the information we list here:- Your address, telephone number(s) and email address – please double check all the details are correct.

An overview of your career in bullet points, a summary of your highlights that match with what the company is looking for – this you can edit for the job you seek, so you win that interview. TIP: Use their job specification to give you words THEY USE so they recognise these words in YOUR CV. Your job experience - For each position you have held, give the name of your old company, your job title, explain what you were responsible for – what were you doing or asked to do? What did you achieve? Can you give any financial detail of results? New sales, if you are in sales, or ideas you proposed that were adopted by your manager. Don’t forget to show your start and end dates and location. Your qualifications - where you went to school, details of any exams passed certificates, diplomas and awards.

Skills – This is specific to IT skills. Make sure you list out the key software and ERP systems you are familiar with. This is a particular selling point in Myanmar. By the way, Internet and Email and not skills so don't list them. A CV in historical order You place your companies and job experience in reverse date order, with the most recent job listed first on the first page of your CV. The heading for each job will show your, company name and location and start and end date, and job title – for your current job show the start date and then leave end date blank or write to-date or current. If you have remained in one type of job or industry this is the CV often used when you have a track record of advancing in the sector with larger responsibilities and you are now seeking a similar type of job in another company or a more senior job. But what if you want to change sector? Or are looking for your first job or moving to another area or want to change the type of job? There is another format. We are convinced many candidates do not realise how their skills can be SOLD to a company. A target company may not see easily what you can do for them! A good CV is so important. So, we then suggest a different CV format. CV with achievements listed This CV format lists what you have done in terms of what skills you used and what tasks you completed. These are transferable skills. You can really be proud of what you have done and explain what this was, and add some detail on your old company. Your new company can then see how you could fit with them. These CVs are most common with Project Managers, Engineers and IT professionals. So that has given you guidance on your CV. Be prepared to put time aside to prepare, edit, revise, refine, print out, check, review your CV until you really feel it is the best you can write. Then of course, it is a matter of finding the job opportunity you would love to secure. Well, that is our aim also, so give us a call now and let’s work together to fulfil your dream job offer, arriving this year.