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Speaking out loud on behalf of Fresh Graduates in Myanmar

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28 Sep 00:00 by MyWorld Support

When it comes to job opportunities, it is literally somehow difficult for fresh graduates like us to choose a right career path where our passion goes for. Personally, I've been through enough of job hunting as soon as I got my very first degree, and well, I do believe that I am definitely not the only one who is struggling for choosing jobs.

There are a few undeniable true facts why we, fresh graduates, are in trouble with our first job. To start from scratch, the fundamental reason would be the lack of connectivity between things we are learning and what we would be experienced in reality. We get nothing to hook up. Sometimes, it would even be fair to say that just left your degree at home, you are going to learn something different at your new job which may or may not be related to your specialization. 

Have you already figured out where your passion lies for? 

Some might say Yes or perhaps No? Well, I am pretty sure most of the fresh graduates don't really have an idea for that yet. We ought to start with something we think we could grab something till we realize our true passionate career. Internships are necessarily recommended for that case in order that we could try learning things to briefly see through the short synopsis of employee life. 

Do we genuinely learn subject matters at universities? 

Unfortunately, I have to say “No” to that question. The educational needs of our country are still dramatically high. We need productive education system by getting rid of the old conventional “carrot & stick” learning. Last but not the least, the extent of parents’ intervention in all matters, blame to our existing culture, is the worst part of all. Most of us are accustomed to the fact that parents decide on behalf of their children starting from choosing universities or colleges to choosing career for life. This may be good for some reasons but it should be limited. 

Please be noted that this is our lives, our choices. Asking suggestions are perfectly fine but extreme intervention or reliance will lead to our devastation. To put it in a nutshell, I hereby sincerely would like to suggest as a fresh graduate, Certifications or Paper Qualifications are matter but they are not the best solution to lead you to your dream job. You have to try first before you got to know your genuine desire for your career. You might feel like stepping backward at times. That’s OK, you can make mistakes as well, but these will all lead to another good beginning of our lives. Good luck to all the fresh graduates and Best of luck for toughest job hunting times. 

Brace yourself mates! Cheers!

Written by Thuzar Aung