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Don't Put These Phrases Or Words In Your CV

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06 Jun 00:00 by Simon Bruce

Don't put these phrases or words in your CV 

"References available up request"

We see this all the time and I never understand why people do it. Either you put your referees on your CV, or leave it blank. If a company likes you enough, they will ask you for your references. 

If not, it is just a waste of space and sounds very old school. 


What is the point of putting this word in your CV? CVs are for hard skills, actual achievements and tasks you have performed.

A CV is not to list your soft skills, because no one is going to ask you for an interview just because you put words like Innovate on a CV. 

"Highy Qualified"

This is another no no for your CV, for similar reasons as Innovative listed above.

If you were highly qualified, the reader of your CV doesn't need you to tell them that, they need you to show them with your qualifications and experience that are related to the role you are applying to.


This is probably my favourite and whenever I read it, I think "I should hope so". Most employers don't want to employ someone with no ambition, doesn't want to develop their career or help a company achieve goals. 

In general you should avoid writing any kinds of soft skills on your CV. Stick to the facts, write about responsibilities, achievements, mention about relevant qualifications, make it clean and simple, and people will be more interested in inviting you for an interview. Then you can impress them with your Innovative and Ambitious personality. 

Best of luck with your next application!