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Tips To Achieve Success In Both Your Job And Your Studies

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13 Jul 00:00 by Yamon Nyunt

Nowadays, most of us don’t feel satisfied with only one degree. We always try to take on further studies while having a job. However, you will find it difficult to become successful in both study and work. If you are one of those who is studying for further qualifications while working a full-time job, I would like to give you some precious tips that will help you to be successful in both. 

Make a schedule. You can make a detailed written plan of your daily duties and tasks with the time limits properly allotted for each task or you can only make a rough sketch which contains work to be done and time you will give to accomplish those tasks. The latter one seems much easier and much efficient than the first one. As you don’t need to stick to your schedule, you should be flexible enough to overcome the unexpected. 

Make a checklist. Write down all the things that you have to accomplish in order of importance, or give them a ranking. It is better to have a deadline date beside each of them. Do not forget to cross out things you have done. This will make you feel a certain pleasant tingle, and later on, you will look forward to doing that. Besides, do not forget to reward yourself after meeting your targets. 

Remember this motto, “Work smart. Study smart.” This is a manner of setting priorities in both your job and your studies. Try to finish your tasks that are most important for you first. Doing easier, smaller things first will leave you exhausted and less motivated to accomplish more important tasks and duties later on. 

Say “No” to the last-minute habit. If you have such habit, drop it now. Finishing your tasks in a hurry just before the deadline or cramming just before the exam make you even more stressful and exhausted. 

Work while you work; study while you study. You should be concentrating on your work while you are working. You should be concentrating on your studies while you are studying. 

Never waste your time, money and energy. Reduce the time you spend on social media, dining out and hanging out unless it is meant as a reward to yourself and it is truly important for you. 

Make a study-manual PDF on your computer. If you have a study manual PDF on your computer, you can make good use of your free time by studying instead of chitchatting, using social media or playing video games. 

Relate work experience to study. If you are applying knowledge acquired from your studies to your job in practice or vice versa, it will help you make progress in both in your job and your study. 

Brand yourself to your boss. Have a discussions with your boss regularly. Convince him or her that the studies you are pursuing will bring benefits to your current job and the company you are working for. If you can truly convince your boss, you are more likely to get fringe benefits like working flexible hours when your exam is drawing near, and even giving you study leave. 

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy, nutritious food. Have regular meals however busy you are. Eat less fast food. Take up a habit of doing some sports like going to gym or swimming. It is fundamental that health is the most important of all. Now, ask yourself. Are you following all the tips mentioned above? If not, try doing these tips. All these tips will be of great help to you all.