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Cultivating The Ideal Working Environment

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15 Feb 00:00 by MyWorld Support

Recently, our MyWorld Careers team won three awards out of the three categories we nominated for, and which we couldn’t be more proud of as part of the MyWorld team.

We are very honoured to be the winner of the following titles at the Myanmar Employer Awards:

  • Gold winner for Best use of Rewards and Recognition.

  • Silver winner for Excellence in Workplace Environment.

  • Bronze winner for Best Career Advancement Programme.

I would proudly say that it could be the best example of an ideal organisation which one could ever dream of working at, thanks to the sincere effort and ultimate commitment of our entire team. Therefore, from the perspective of an employee I would like to share these fundamental tips that could help develop a winning organisational culture and the best working environment.

1)  The Essence of team building and team spirit

As the saying goes, “No man is an island”, this applies particularly in all business organisations.

While striving for a common goal, we need a strong team with people who move forward together. Even in highly individualised work, there is a need for cooperation with others to create the whole picture.

Creating a team culture and choosing the people with right traits who can fit into the team are the basic rules for building the effective team.

“Hire Character, Train Skill” - It is important to hire the right character since skills can be learnt. Undoubtedly, the team with the highest level of function and communication will lead to the most effective working environment.

2)  Boosting High Team Morale

Team members function best when their individual contributions are recognised as well as when the employees are positive about their working environment.

Getting appropriate, consistent attention and support from upper management will also  help improve individual morale at work, which will eventually maximise the morale of the whole team.

Not only high performers but also undercover heroes should be recognised when it comes to rewards and recognition. Coaching and mentoring are highly recommended as best options.

3)  Enhancing Internal Communication

Relationships cannot thrive and survive without open communication, and the same applies for businesses whether they are large or small. Different voices from all levels of employees should be appreciated.

There should be two-way communication between management and employees; both formally and informally. Open, flexible communication can definitely develop trust and mutual respect between colleagues, between employers & employees.

An open door policy, online surveys, one on one monthly discussion and tea break chats could also be the ways to maintain internal communication.

To put it in a nutshell, the above-mentioned facts are crucial bases to achieve a happier and healthier working environment. Eventually, happy employees are the ultimate ingredient which will cultivate a healthy working environment and one which is more productive than you could ever imagine.

Written by Thuzar Aung