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How To Choose Your Career In Hospitality And Beyond

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08 Feb 00:00 by Alan Jarque

How to choose your career in Hospitality and Beyond In the past decade, Myanmar has been enjoying an economic boom, driven by surging foreign investments and start-up businesses as the country opens up to economic reforms. With the emergence of new businesses, many employees from different industries are keen to become part of those new businesses and have been hopping from one company to another looking for their dream jobs. This move includes the employees from Hospitality Industry as the functions of this sector are limited to certain experiences. This has resulted in a waste of time for most of the employees from Hospitality sector and the appearance of a disjointed and unplanned career. 

1) Choose your next step wisely Choosing the next step in your career is the most important thing. It is not uncommon to move from the Hospitality career path when one wants to explore unique experiences and master different skills. It is a plus factor for a Hospitality employee to know some of the skills from different departments as it helps to understand the organization better. If you are looking at a sector outside hospitality then consider what skills you want to gain and where you can get them. This broadened experience will make you more attractive to a future employer. 

2) The jobs to choose for Hospitality employees If you are considering changing jobs in order to seek higher position and benefits immediately, then it is essential you look for a job inside the Hospitality Industry. However, those from the management level who want to change their career from Hospitality sector and walk a completely different path can risk starting all over again. This often results in a junior position with lower salary for a time. It is different for someone who has been working in the Hospitality Industry for a couple of years but if someone in their midcareer is contemplating of going for a totally different job, they must be prepared for this. For the employees with Hospitality background, the best choice of job sector, if matched with their interest, would be sales as most of them are aware of the responsibilities related to sales and have some of the knowledge and experience needed for an average sales person. Another good choice could be customer service, as Hospitality is all about personal relations (customer service) and companies are happy to take in employees with a Hospitality background for their customer service areas. 

3) Good preparation for a different career includes attending relevant courses If you are determined to leave the hospitality Industry and move on to other sector, one thing that can help you understand more about that other sector is attending related management classes. Attending classes beforehand or when you join the other company enhances your vision and knowledge of that job and helps you improve or gain the necessary skills. Also gaining a certificate relevant to the job you seek can be motivating and demonstrate to your future employer your willingness to do what is necessary to attain and succeed in that position.