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Why Attitude Is Important For Your Career

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21 Jun 00:00 by Eric Min


Yes, we all have heard about it and been familiar with it all our life. But we don't pay much attention on it. Actually, it is one of the most important aspects of a person's career. It's the complete 100 Have you ever given the numbers beside each of letter of the alphabet and combined the scores for a random word? Like 1 for A, 2 for B and it goes until 26 for Z. If you combine the numbers within the words "ATTITUDE", It's the complete 100. So, how will we make our attitude give us 100% impact. Make it good or bad Our attitude can either be good or bad. It's all up to us. As above mentioned, it will affect us 100% in our everyday life. If working in an organization is writing our own profile, attitude is the pen for us to write it. It will be forever in our life. It's quite close to "Empathy" or "Sympathy" Have you ever wondered how the other one of you in the mirror sees you? We have never thought about it, right? It's sad but true. We are recklessly selfish sometimes (focusing on what we want, what we want to sell, what we want to approach and so on not thinking about the others). The more we deal with people, the more we need to understand about our attitude. The tip is try to see ourselves from the other person’s perspective to realise what our attitude is. Our attitude is our image It has nothing to do with our appearance or any of the other hard or soft skills we have achieved. It's like holding up the candle light in the dark. Wherever we go, attitude goes with us. And our attitude is the first thing people will remember when they hear or talk about us. We should always remember that the our attitude is directly proportional to how people perceive us. So, now let us remember the importance of "ATTITUDE".

Image Credit - fractuslearning.com