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Opportunities presenting themselves in Supply Chain and Logistics for Finance & Engineering Professionals

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30 Jul 00:00 by May Soe Lwin

We are seeing an advancement in the Supply Chain and Logistics requirements in Myanmar and as a result this is creating opportunities in the Supply Chain area for both Supply Chain professionals and non-Supply Chain professionals. 

Up until recent years in Myanmar, Supply Chain has just been seen as a basic function centered around Import / Export, Warehousing, Delivery and Procurement. However this is now changing rapidly as Myanmar Supply Chains start to play catch up with the rest of the world. 

Still in Myanmar, most companies are not aware of the essential role a modern Supply Chain function can add to their business. Reducing costs associated with storage, delivery and labour, or reducing wastage or delivery time to customers, Supply Chain helps companies bottom line while improving customer service which leads to increased revenue. However for those few companies in Myanmar who are focusing heavily on their Supply Chain function, they are struggling to find staff with the necessary talents. 

What does this mean for you if you are not a Supply Chain professional but interested in developing a career in Supply Chain? 

If you come from a Finance or Engineering background, you could develop an amazing career in Supply Chain. In other countries I have seen candidates from both of these backgrounds enter into the world of Supply Chain easily. Actually one of the best SCM Directors I ever met, started his career as an Mechanical Engineer in a production facility. I have also seen many skills Finance professionals move up quickly to become top class Demand Planning Managers or Directors. 

What makes Engineers and Finance professionals, such a good fit for Supply Chain? 

Engineers are natural problem solvers and they thinking extremely logically. These are two key criterias of any Supply Chain professional. Even if you have never worked in Supply Chain before, with an Engineering background, you will be able to add value very quickly by improving processes and systems and making sure things run smoothly in a logical way. 

Finance professionals are good with numbers, but most people don’t realize that most of Supply Chain is about numbers. From Stock Turns to Inventory Control, Workforce Allocation to Distribution Planning, candidates with strong numbers skills, excel in Excel, can work in any number of positions in Supply Chain. 

A number of clients we work with who are looking to strengthen their Supply Chain function are looking for candidates from non-Supply Chain backgrounds. Contact us today if you are interested.