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Why employee satisfaction is important in growing a business?

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01 Aug 00:00 by Sofia Oo

In previous articles, the shortage of qualified employees in the market has been discussed. In this article, the importance of gaining employee satisfaction and maintaining them to grow the business will be discussed. Nowadays, many new entrants are coming into the market including MNCs and some local businesses who are also expanding their operations. So, here is the question: How are employee satisfaction and growth of a business related?

Employees are the best asset that can help a business to grow bigger and the level of employee engagement affects how profitable a business is as well as its growth. In order to satisfy the employees, it is important for employers to identify the employees’ perception of motivational programs. As a result, employees will be motivated, satisfied and this will lead to an increase in their productivity which will benefit the business.

Businesses with high levels of employee engagement will increase the rate of productivity as well as the performances of the business. A happy and positive working environment will also make the employees more creative with their ideas and solutions to business problems. Rewards and appreciation give employees the satisfaction and motivation to work better. Moreover, appreciation from an employer also motivates the employees to be more productive. When an employee receives recognition for their efforts, he or she feels encouraged to put extra effort towards their next tasks. Vice versa, when the employee is not satisfied, he or she will feel demotivated and their productivity will also reduce. This can delay the growth of the business.

In short, employee satisfaction and company success go hand in hand. Hence, it is important to make your employees happy and satisfied in order to grow the business. Rewards for specific achievements, pier nominated rewards and recognition from upper management are great ways to boost employees' self-esteem which leads to satisfying the employees. Employers need to remember that these have a larger impact on the common rewards such as promotion or bonuses.

“Making your employees happy will lead to your business growing”