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Importance of Self-Motivation at Workplace

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15 Aug 00:00 by Binthia .

Motivation is the catalyst in our daily life to achieve our goals effectively and productively. It inspires people to continue their path of accomplishing what they have set for themselves over time. It differs from people to people. For example, it is said to be one of the main ingredients for artists to create their masterpiece. However, here we will discuss the importance of motivation in daily life of an ordinary office employee.

Initially, let’s find out what motivates an employee on a day to day basis. Is it the salary they are getting at the end of each month? Or is it the profit sharing or the bonuses? Is it the company trips or the occasional rewards? There might be other factors that motivate the employees over a certain period but are they always effective? No, they don’t essentially provide enough inspiration daily. Imagine, how an employee having Monday blues could be motivated by salary or a company trip unless it is a payday.  It will not be easy for that employee to be stimulated at all when he or she might still be in weekend mode.

Studies have shown that most employees lose their enthusiasm just 6 months after they commence in a company. So how should employees maintain that fire and encourage themselves in their daily life for a productive outcome? It is in the employee to make himself motivated first before he draws the conclusion of being in a wrong position or job and will push themselves for a minimum of another 1.5 years to ensure their resume looks good. This is essential so that his next employer might not see them as a job hopper.

There are seven tips to dig that motivation up and not just get work done but complete it with a sense of passion and purpose. Following these tips will help employees get back their passion to work in no time.

1) Don’t think of it as a difficult work

When a job needs a huge amount of effort to be done, we tend to be reluctant and demotivated on putting in the effort to commence and then start to gauge the outcome as of not having enough worth to begin at all. This makes the task twice as hard as our effort is halved. Therefore, if we could envision the task as an essential part of our growing process, we would be able to work hard more easily.

2) Create small goals

As human nature goes, we are more inclined towards setting bigger goals that usually require a long journey to achieve which can make us lose our enthusiasm along the way. So, what we need here is to divide these bigger goals into smaller goals which seem readily achievable and will boost our interest providing us with the necessary sense of achievement regularly to continue our work.

3) Read daily

When we are working hard, our brain needs time for recuperation and reading is recommended to be the single best way for it by many successful people around the world. Some might argue that reading bears no significance with their current task and indulging in it might not be very helpful. However, a recharged brain can be a lot more productive and creative than an exhausted one. Think of it as a well-oiled machine which will run without any hitches. It does no harm to get a daily dose of this awesome remedy, so better make a habit out of it even for a few minutes a day.

4) Care less about unnecessary things

When we must deal with a ton of things, it is best for us to make a list. This will help differentiate the important tasks from the distractions and so will save a lot of time and energy which we can focus on the main tasks. It also helps avoid procrastination and being easily distracted since we are only focused on the necessary tasks in front of us.

5) Set a quit time

One of the most important parts in staying motivated is to know when to quit. Everyone needs to take a breather as there is no use in pushing yourself all the time. It is compulsory to allot time for both starting and quitting. Providing yourself with personal time and space is as important as working hard otherwise you drain yourself to the last drop and then are not able to be productive even if you are motivated to.

6) Just do it

Most people lose their motivation before they even start. This is since we tend to lose the novelty of a task during our too-long thinking process. So, if the conditions are not adverse, it is better to start what must be done instantly before we begin to doubt and demotivate ourselves.

7) Celebrate triumphs

As much as its important to learn from mistakes, it’s also crucial to acknowledge achievements. We sometimes fail to recognize our small yet significant wins which play a vital role in boosting our sense of progress. Hence, congratulating on triumphs will motivate us to achieve even more.

There are other tips on self-motivation out there apart from the ones stated above. So, you can follow your preference to keep motivating yourself during your daily office work. When you are motivated you can see your work done with less effort than you think you will need before you begin the task. So, start working on motivating yourself and see the outcomes yourself.