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How to get the best communication with your employees after coming back from 'Work From Home'

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26 Aug 00:00 by William Ko Ko

​Over the last few months with many companies practicing WFH, we all have missed out on some updates from your colleagues, managers, and senior management. That is why, we should keep all our colleagues and employees etc., in the loop of what is happening within the company. This is not restricted to just senior management, but for all levels of employees. Many employees are going to return to the office after such a long time away and feel overwhelmed as well as concerned about the future of the company. Not only is sharing information with them essential, making sure the communication is supportive with positive vibes and ensure the information provided information is 100% accurate and not based on rumors.

Therefore, before sending or sharing any information, make sure you have double checked the information against reputable sources to ensure it is correct. After sharing this information, make sure to take note of their reactions when given the information and how they are responding?

How will this action influence what the employees do next?

Employees will definitely appreciate an update that gives them some sense of direction. We are all human; we all love to feel hopeful and move on to something positive. Sharing information that is of a positive nature that is also true will give employees the confidence to keep going. We should also be considerate with the method of communicating this information and try to use multiple channels. Some employees may have been struggling with the new methods of communicating, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc., are all new forms of communication that many employees are not familiar with and may have trouble using. Therefore now that many are returning to the office, make sure that everyone is comfortable with the way the information is being shared and help teach these new forms of communication to all staff, it will definitely benefit them long term.

As you all know, dealing with Covid-19 is extremely frustrating. many employees are fearful and anxious about spreading Covid-19 to their loved ones at home. So this is also the best time to remind your employees of the precautions the company is taking to help protect them and their families as well as any available benefits and employee satisfaction programs you have put in workplace. In addition, your communication should show you are sympathizing with the employees. Make sure they are aware of all of the various channels where they can express their concerns (e.g. through their managers, HR, a Health & Safety Committee, etc.) and make them more comfortable with voicing their concerns.

By maintaining optimism and sharing positivity with our employees we will all be able to see through this challenging time.

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