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​Let’s all be Okay with not to being Okay (Be kind to yourself)

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11 Mar 00:00 by Tun Chit Su Myat

It feels like recently, due to the world seemingly getting out of control, your motivation to work and your mental health has gone down the drain. Putting your head down and working with no purpose. The tediousness of your everyday job; feeling like you're not contributing.

Where the world seems to crumble around you, where semblance of normalcy has all but disappeared into despair. Constantly bombarded by bad news, steeping yourself further in negativity. It’s always good to be informed but if it’s at the cost of your health, then it’s not worth it. Take a break.

Breathe in

breathe in

Breathe out

breathe out

There is definitely a stigmatisation of mental health and being kind to yourself in a fast paced work environment. However, right now, taking care of yourself should be at your utmost priority. If you burn out and crash, you’re not helping anyone. The “Grinding All Day, All Week” mentality might work for some people, but don’t force yourself into it if it’s not working for you.

Talk to someone; no matter how small the problem seems. If you bottle it up, it's going to come back and hurt you 10 fold. I’ve been there myself. You’re not alone, learn to rely on people. Nobody is a mind reader. If you don’t communicate your struggles, then how will other people know to help you or give you space.

Goals; no matter how tiny, appreciate and be proud of yourself. Victory is in the small things. Don’t give yourself impossible tasks. You finished that paperwork by 10am? Well done! You got that report to your boss 5 mins early? Amazing! A customer thanked you recently for a job well done? How wonderful! It’s good to aim high but know your limits and pace yourself. Take it step by step.

It might seem awfully cliche and simple, but everything around us is already so complicated. Let’s go back to the basics.

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