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StreamCast Asia


Established in 2001, strategically located in Singapore (one of the most business-friendly countries in the world), to serve young and innovative product manufacturers and brands, to transform their business potential regionally in South-east Asia and select Asian countries.

One of the more well-known, but then a very young company, served is GoPro Inc. Today, StreamCast Asia is the oldest distributor for GoPro.

We offer quick access to markets. Over 1,500 accounts in our channel network including Consumer Electronics, Camera and Video, Outdoor and Fitness stores, Sports Specialty, Travel Specialty, Education, Airports, Government, Military, Survey, Exploration and Agriculture.

Our merchandizing services ensure our manufacturers' products remain on the shelves, and in optimum selling conditions. Leveraging on technology, we provide timely and accurate information to product manufacturers, allowing for well-informed business decisions.

Our regional sales and distribution activities are supported by our subsidiaries in Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and authorized channel partners.