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data analyst​ Jobs in Taunggyi

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Data Analyst Jobs in Myanmar

Many companies nowadays are using data to make better business decisions. This is the same in Myanmar as well and a lot of companies have recently shifted to putting further emphasis on data analysis. If you are good with numbers, collecting data or market research and have the skills to execute data analyst related work in support of business analytics initiatives, MyWorld can introduce you to great opportunities at both local and foreign companies. There is an incredibly high demand for Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts in different industries like Telecom, Insurance, Banking, Fintech, IT Solution Provider, Manufacturing, FMCG, etc. Don't wait, contact MyWorld today and find out how we can help you.


Why MyWorld?

The Information Technology Team at MyWorld Careers is the first recruitment team in Myanmar to be solely focused on the IT sector. With an IT educational background and technical knowledge, our experienced Consultants understand the current IT/Tech trends in Myanmar and can discuss and consult technical requirements with job seekers. Our IT team works on both in-house IT roles as well as with Technology companies. MyWorld is the number one agency in Myanmar for IT recruitment.


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