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M&E Jobs in Myanmar

M&E Engineering is mainly used in the construction field and refers to mechanical and electrical systems including infrastructure, HVAC, ACMV, heating and ventilation and cooling system for buildings. This type of engineering is also utilized in telecommunication as well as control systems for building management systems. M&E Engineers are often responsible as building service engineers for installation and maintenance of the buildings. MyWorld Careers has a strong track record in Myanmar introducing candidates to major construction companies both local and international. If you are looking for such opportunities, please reach out to MyWorld today.


Why MyWorld?

The Engineering Team at MyWorld Careers is the very first recruitment team in Myanmar to be focused solely on Engineers. Our team is dedicated to introducing Engineers, and all members have an Engineering background. Our main clients come from industries like Construction, Manufacturing, Telco, Oil and gas just to name a few. If you are an Engineering professional looking to advance your career, MyWorld's Engineering recruitment team is the number one choice in Myanmar.