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Be Mindful for Your Contact Information

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20 Aug 00:00 by James Oo

This is James from MyWorld Careers. Today I would like to talk about the CVs that candidates always use when applying for a job. It has been a year since I started working in the recruitment industry and I have seen thousands of CVs. Surely I have seen CVs which are perfect, CVs that leave no questions unanswered and are easy to follow. However many of the CVs I have received need a lot of follow-up questions asked to enable me to understand what the candidate has actually done in their role. I even see CVs with incorrect contact information, phone numbers are wrong, email addresses incorrect. In these days, most of the recruitment agencies conduct a screening interview to know more about the candidate. That screening process is also to know which kind of candidates are good match with what kind of job opportunities.

So, I want candidates, when they apply for a job to be sure about the content of their CVs. If you have put the wrong number or email address, we cannot contact you to make screening interview or to give you a new opportunity. Another thing is that your employment history really needs to have the “Start Date” and “End Date” so that recruiters can know how many years of experience you have in a particular job. If we do not know how long you have worked in a role, we may not contact you because we think you are too junior. These points may seem minor but if you are not able to get these simple things correct, why would a company trust you enough to employ you.. I have experienced many cases where I was not able to contact a candidate for a great opportunity because their contact information was incorrect, what a shame they missed out on that opportunity.

So don’t miss out on an opportunity because of something so simple. Even if your CV doesn’t have enough detail on it, you can fix it and discuss the other wrong information with recruiters.

You can check out great resume writing tips on our website. Best of luck.

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