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Deputy Managing Director / Managing Director Opportunities in Other Locations

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Deputy Managing Director / Managing Director Opportunities in Myanmar

A Managing Director's key role is to direct the overall operation and make strategic decisions of the company. Usually the most senior role in the organization, the individual who works in this type of role usually controls most of the decisions depend on the business size and nature. Essentially companies usually look for comprehensive management experience plus specific specialization in the industry. These types of roles are also not frequently found in the job market as well and most of the individuals who are working in such roles are very stable. Some companies will often offer Deputy Managing Director position in the initial stage when they think the individual is still a bit junior to take the Managing Director role and the person has to prove themselves through performance to show they are worthy to step up. If you are interested to find more opportunities like these, please get in touch through MyWorld Careers to discuss in detail.


Why MyWorld?

Myanmar is considered one of the emerging countries with a lot of potential for growth in every different sector and having said that human resources also need to pick up their pace to meet with the country's growth. As an international experience recruitment company with presence in other counties such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore market, we have seen a lot of potential in the market and needs of the talents from the company to form their success. To support the company growth and to become part of the success in the country, MyWorld has decided to establish our entity in the country to provide continuous support with international standards and practices that the companies have never experienced before. We have been running the business with 65 headcounts for over 4 years now and became the largest recruitment company in so far. With the specialized consultants for specific industry and division, we always make sure our clients secure the best candidates from the market. As an executive search firm, we value our clients' time and we do not just introduce CVs to our clients. We work with each individual profile very closely to ensure the experience and personality are a match with clients' expectations and by working closely with both clients and candidates along the process, we also negotiate to minimize certain challenges that clients may face and help successfully secure the talents. We are currently helping over 300 client’s business growth including Multinational, International, SME and Local Group of Companies. If you are looking for great talents to boost your business growth, please get in touch with our consultants to discuss the partnership opportunity.


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