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Non Profit Organization Jobs

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Non-Profit Organization (NGO) Jobs

NGO is a very limited market situation in Myanmar and job seekers in this field need to consistently improve their capability so that they are not to fall behind the market trends. For someone who is interested in applying role at an NGO, candidates will need to have unique skill set since there has a lot of multiple sector such as Health, Human Right, Political, Gender Equality, Recycling and so on. MyWorld has a dedicated NGO focused team and working on a lot of international Non Profit Organization in Market. Click the link below and find out about our interesting job opportunities.

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Why MyWorld?

MyWorld is always the number one recruitment agency in Myanmar, maintaining a relationship of trust with all candidates. Our extensive NGO network allows candidates working with us to present a wide range of opportunities. We have introduced a number of NGO candidates with new opportunities to improve their next step of career and challenging environment. Experienced consultants from various industries can provide advice based on a very wide range of market knowledge and experience. If you are interested in applying for a job in the field of Non Government Organization, register your resume with us.

Why MyWorld?