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How To Keep Mentally Healthy

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05 Aug 00:00 by Aye Phyu Sin

It is a blessing knowing you all are still holding up during this crisis. We know staying mentally and physically healthy is really challenging when things are tough. But remember you are not alone and there are people who love you and are there to support you in your time of need. 

Mental health is critical for all of us, and I wanted to share a few ideas on“How to Keep Mentally Healthy”with this blog. 

Taking a break from Social Media doesn’t harm you

Nowadays, people spend too much of their time on social media, which is currently full of negative posts that are obviously harmful to your mental health. Although it is one of the sources for you to get up to date information, many of the posts are undeniably useless and it is never a substitute for real communication with people. Show the initiative to communicate with people offline by using your phone to call them, after all that is what phones were invented for. 

Recalling the happiest moments of your life and chatting about them with your friends and family 

Some people will think it is ironic as we are living in an extremely stressful period and think that it would be very hard to think of those happy times. But in reality, all you have to do is recall and think of that moment and reminiscing with your friends or family members or partner will make you happier than you would imagine. 

Meditation and listening to soothing music or hype songs 

When you are under too much stress or pressure and anxiety hits you badly, you will get a feeling of unease, worry and fear and you can be mentally drained. At that time, meditation is one of the things you can do to keep your mind calm. You can also listen to soothing music or some hype songs to fight back those feelings. If you are a Netflix user, I recommend you find “Headspace Guide to Meditation”. If you are not a Netflix user, it is okay, you can still find a lot of content on YouTube and Google.

Think positive thoughts and Give motivation to each other! 

First, you are lucky if you have a shoulder to cry on. Supporting each other is indispensable during this time we are all going through. To do that you have to be positive and need to stick with people who can motivate and support you. Even if you feel you do not have someone, believe in yourself because you are strong enough to make it through on your own and perhaps you can be the shoulder for someone else who thinks they have no one.

Everything happens for a reason 

I understand we can sometimes be depressed with the situation we face but remember this is not the end and everything happens for a reason, we just need to find what is a reason and hold that to stay strong. If you feel you are unlucky, think about all the bad things that could happen to you.

In a nutshell, for the sake of people you love even if it all seems like it is wrong, you have to bounce back and try harder to live and stay to be healthy. 

If you read this post till the end and get the fruitful information that would be my pleasure.

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